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ADB to USB adapter! Really!

Anthon of the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army forums has been developing his own ADB to USB adapter. This adapter is called simply ADB BusBoy and enables you to use any USB keyboard and mouse with the ADB connector on your PowerPC and 68k Mac.

ADB BusBoy is expected to be released to the rest of us some time during Q1 of 2017.

We can't wait!

See this thread over at 68kMLA for more info:
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MacTorrent updated to 0.2.1

Taking into account that Mac OS 9 was officially "buried" by Apple in 2002, it's quite astonishing there is still new software coming out for it in 2017. Theo Knez's "MacTorrent" is a filesharing software that allow you to, well, er.. share files over the net using the popular torrents and a comfortable GUI. Recent changes of version 0.2.1 include:
  • fix of the "flickering" bug
  • new icons
  • general speed improvements

You can download MacTorrent from here. Keep 'em updates coming, Theo!